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Re: Rank the Bond actors

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Let's limit this to the Broccoli series no Barry Nelson or David Niven. I'm asking your opinions of the actors, rather than the films in which they appear. Hence Lazenby ranks last on my list, despite OHMSS being one of the better films of the series.
As Bond

1- Connery/Craig tie
2- Brosnan
3- Moore
4- Dalton
5- Lazenby

As actors in general

1- Connery
2- Craig/Dalton tie
3- Moore
4- Brosnan
5- Lazenby
I like this approach.

1. Connery
2. Craig
3. Brosnan
4. Dalton
5. Moore (I actually like Roger Moore as James Bond, but I freely admit he was in some of the stupidest movies in the series)
6. Lazenby

1. Connery
2. Craig
3. Dalton
4. Brosnan
5. Moore
6. Lazenby
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