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Re: Star Trek Fan Reboots

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I'm not a big fan of stories that take popular characters, and change the gender of them. Reboots that change the story just for the sake of change don't really interest me. It worked well for Battlestar Galactica, but none of the characters in the new series were the same characters from the original series (same names/different people/different era). With Star Trek, it's fun to play with the alternate universe scenario, but changing the sex and age of characters doesn't really work for me.

Personally, I prefer Star Trek that continues to develop the series that we knew and loved. Star Trek Phase II is great for this, because it feels like an unproduced season 4. Tying up the loose ends between TOS and TMP is cool. For TNG, I would want to see a season 8, or adventures during the TNG movie timeline.

If I were to do an "alternate" Trek, I would probably do one that took place during the Romulan wars, with a few Vulcan charcaters from TOS in it. Or maybe a series set on the Enterprise B or C.
Same here I'd love to see Intrepid's Giles Aston star in a post-Nemesis series, however like Hidden Frontier did with their shows I'd bring in characters from other shows - in fact the Enterprise crew would be a bit of a 'dream team' mix from DS9 and VOY filling in for those who left:

Captain - Jean-Luc Picard
First Officer - Worf
Medical - Dr Crusher
Engineer - Geordi LaForge
Tactical/Security - Tuvok
Science - 7of9
Counselor - Ezri Dax
Helm - Nog

They'd be visits to the Titan/DS9 and Janeway would kind of be Picard's boss!

And I absolutely love following Phase II it has really become it's own show now expecially as they've kind of reached the middle between the series and the film.
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