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Re: All Scale Trek - a new Trek modeling forum

So, anyone else joined the All Scale Trek forum?

It looks like it's developing into a nice forum, and not just for Trek kit modelers. It caters for gaming miniatures, collectables and toys (Playmates), costumes and props too. I joined up mainly because of my interest in FASA scale starship miniatures, but I will be posting some stuff about my RPG 25/28mm minis as well now I realise how much more wide ranging the forums interests are.

It's a friendly place, and you'll be more than welcome if you come along. There are a few folk from the Starship Modeler Star Trek forum, the Starship Combat News forum and Brad Torgersens FASA STSTCS forum as well. But the more the merrier, eh? Help turn it into a dynamic and wide ranging Trek modeling and collectables forum.

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