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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I love the film but even I am a bit miffed with how ridiculous Silva's plan is. That said you could say the same about most Bond films, hell even Casino Royale makes little sense if you think about it and is built upon a house of cards of contrivences.
What do you mean even Casino Royale? It's as ridiculous as any Bond film, if not more.

In fact, just last week HISHE did it:
My ‘even Casino Royale’ statement was made from the perspective that a large majority of people see it as some kind of perfect uber film, which it isn’t, it’s as flawed as any other, in fact in some ways I find the contrivances more jarring because it proclaims to be a “realistic” Bond film. At least when I see Roger Moore with a laser gun I know to suspend my disbelief.
Ah, well. Couldn't agree more. Some of the sheer bollocks people talked about Casino Royale when it came out was breathtaking. Statements like "The James Bond films are an anachronism" and "They've successfully brought it up to date with a bang" were made as though they're somehow intelligently considered analysis. All they really did was make a film as stupid as ever, replaced James Bond with a weathered old chavvy thug, and waited for the plaudits to unthinkingly roll in.
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Most people are too kind. It is the worst film ever made.
Not in a universe where Batman and Robin exists.
Batman and Robin is Citizen Kane, Rear Window and The Conversation combined compared to Cuntum of Solace.
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5) Patrice(the assassin) uses depleted uranium bullets(whatever, its a Bond movie) which makes it easy to identify and track him. AND FOR SOME REASON Bond kept three pieces of the bullet that hit him inside his shoulder, just waiting for the right time to pull them out.
Gosh, I'd forgotten all about that. That's as ridiculous as it gets. Your entire post is quite brilliant, in fact. You remind me of me.
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I think Goldeneye's legacy has seriously benefited from having one of the best computer games ever based on it.
I think that's very true, especially among the generation most represented in discussing these things on the internet.
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Gave it an 'A'.

Solid story, good acting and a great villain. What more could you want in this type of film?
A solid story.

And while the action and direction were top notch, a lot of the dialogue was eye-rolling for me.
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