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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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Not interested in most of the vanity projects. 200k DIL for each thing, just way out of whack. More power to you if you've got a fat bankroll and want to splurge, but I just don't see the value here.

That, and every damned Starbase is exactly the same. We can't customize it, can't tweak these vanity projects at all, so you pay out the nose, and then just look like everyone else anyway.

And there's nothing to DO on the starbase, so I've only even visited once or twice. To check it out, or to buy a Fleet version of a gun.

Like most of Cryptic's products lately, they created a great resource sink for us, and grindy games to get those resources, but they fell down on coming up with reasons to WANT to do that, and benefits for doing so. Biggest carrot they offer us is that after spending a billion resource points, it allows to to overspend for a Fleet/Omega/Romulan vanity version of items you had the whole time, with marginal stat changes for the min/max croud to justify doing them.
This is slightly unfair. I find the "elite" end of multiplayer full of arrogant ****s who are more interested in how much DPS you do than whether everyone is having fun. Consequently, I don't have much of the high-end gear. The Fleet store gives folk like me a route to ships and equipment that would otherwise require a lot of interaction with tosspots.

I don't want to come in to STFs or FAs with you guys under-equipped, but I don't want to force you to have to spend time spamming Normals with me until I have sufficient gear to cope. The Fleet stuff gives me a way to get to the base level without that.
I found a good alternative is to get a bunch of ECs and just buy purple mkXI gear off the exchange.
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