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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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USA Today is reporting that the Marlins / Blue Jays trade/fire sale/shit on the city of Miami is going under review by the commissioner's office. Selig is reportedly pissed.
Hey, it's not Toronto's problem that Loria is a jackass that bilked them out of money. Why should Toronto fans be punished to suffer because of that?

Besides Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford for less than what the Marlins are getting in return was allowed. You can't turn the clock back now.
Oh, I'm not saying Selig should or even can reject the deal. It's more worth noting that it's remarkable that Selig is pissed at Loria, who until now has been part of Selig's inner circle of owners (along with Reinsdorf, David Glass, Lew Wolff and the Wilpons).

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Melky is nothing more than a fourth outfielder / head case.
That's selling him a bit short. He's definitely going to have a major regression next season, but while 2 / 16 is a bit of an overpay considering his one talent of note is "hit lots and lots of singles," but it's not terrible. I was fully expecting Ruben Amaro to throw some insanely moronic deal at Cabrera just to block Dom Brown, because, at the end of the day ... Rube gonna Rube.

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