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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

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Well.. Cars burned me real bad when it comes to Pixar.. up until this point i adored their movies. They were unique, had their own style and their own story to tell.

They had a heart.

With Cars Pixar made a run of the mill, paint by number movie any studio could have produced.. like the ones from Dreamworks or any other animation studio that relies on big names to voice the characters and promote the movies.

Up until that point it was enough for me to know it was a Pixar movie to go see it and know i'd get a good movie with a good story.
I've got to disagree. It may not have been totally original but I adored Cars - it's my favourite Pixar movie. And it's not like I'm American on a nostalgia trip or a petrol head - not only am I not a car buff, I can't even drive.

Now Ratatouille was a turkey - by the numbers that any studio could churn out...
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