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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

Well.. Cars burned me real bad when it comes to Pixar.. up until this point i adored their movies. They were unique, had their own style and their own story to tell.

They had a heart.

With Cars Pixar made a run of the mill, paint by number movie any studio could have produced.. like the ones from Dreamworks or any other animation studio that relies on big names to voice the characters and promote the movies.

Up until that point it was enough for me to know it was a Pixar movie to go see it and know i'd get a good movie with a good story.

Well.. if Disney took the reins over that heavily i'll mourn Pixar for a while and hope that some day a bunch of insanely creative, crazy people who just want to tell some stories find someone who'll back them up and open door for them so they can produce stories without pressuring them or telling them how to do it.

It'll happen.. might take a while but a new Pixar will come.
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