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Re: 3 Registries for the Yamato?


I may be wrong about the name, but the model was labeled with a name. I'll go along with Enterprise for the name of the model. Thank goodness that this model doesn't represent an actual ship.


You missed some.
* NCC-71854 U.S.S. Venture
* NCC-71867 U.S.S. Trinculo
The only unknown is the Magellan.

I think either NCC-71804 is just as sensible for the Yamato as NCC-71807.

I think that Challenger should have been NCC-72099, at least. Heck, considering when the Challenger was first seen, in 2377, I think that NCC-75099 might have worked. I think they were attempting to honor the lost space shuttle by using both its name and its registry. However, the space shuttle's registry was OV-099, not OV-199.

I don't think we have ever had a German WWII warship honored in the canon Star Trek. Which is strange to me, at least. Was this a delicate subject with the producers, who I understand had final approval in what ships were mentioned in dialog?
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