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To everyone seeing the nine minutes; the rest of us here expect a fully detailed report including a complete transcript and at the very least, hand drawn illustrations we can download, print, cutout and make a flip book.
It is now being reported that the first full-length trailer for "Star Trek into Darkness" will be released on the same weekend that the nine minutes of preview footage will be shown.

The nine-minute preview will be shown alongside "The Hobbit", but only on IMAX. The trailer proper will be attached to the regular cinema screenings of "The Hobbit". The following week it will also be attached to Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher" and will appear online then as well.

The nine-minute preview supposedly will not be (legally) online.
I know that. I was joking!

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As awesome as a flip book would be, I'd settle for a phone cam recording. Even if in IMAX and 3D, any recording would make your average Bigfoot sighting video look like it's in 1080p.
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Since we are getting the trailer I think I'll be skipping the nine minutes in IMAX. I'll wait for the youtubes of it.
Wouldn't either this site or Youtube not allow non-authorized bootlegs of the footage to be posted?
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