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Re: Nut-allergic child's mom demands oak trees be removed from schooly

Deckerd wrote: View Post
I don't understand why nut allergies are on the increase.
Kirby wrote: View Post
^^ From what I understand the increase in nut allergies in children corresponds to the beginning of genetically modifying nuts, specifically peanuts in the early 1980s. I think this is more circumstantial evidence than anything else but I've never gone looking for studies on it. Either way, I think GMO foods are kind of scary.
StolenThunder wrote: View Post
My understanding is that a rather simple explanation is a heightened response to non-threatening environmental substances due to less frequently encountered environmental pathogens in this age of hygeine and cleanliness.

So instead of being tuned to bacteria and that, the immune response becomes overactive to other allergens.
That seems a far more plausible explanation. Blaming everything on genetically modified foods is this decade's equivalent of blaming everything on atomic bomb tests back in the 1950s.
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