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Re: Celebrity paradoxes

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But "Enterprise" as an altered timeline is at least implicit in part of its premise, the "Temporal cold war". I believe that were it not for the mechinations of "Future Guy" and other factions the events of Archer's era would have flowed into Kirk's era as we've seen it, not maybe not as much.
I think they kind of used the TCW as a handwave to explain away some of the retcons they made.

But then saw Daniels' idea of "correct" history in "Azati Prime" - where this Delphic Expanse (which we'd never previously heard of or seen in any chronologically later Treks) had grown to encompass most of the Alpha Quadrant. Then the NX-01 crew destroyed the Expanse a few episodes later and the next season began piling on the direct prequels. So I think, looking back on Enterprise, that it's the stuff that happened in the Temporal Cold War and those changes made that created the timeline seen in TOS/TNG and the rest.
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