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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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At least in Goldeneye, THAT former spy burned by the British Secret Service, wanted to make England pay AND make a shit load of money AND throw the world into the dark ages (right, can't remember) the stakes were HIGH. If Bond doesn't succeed the world is OVER.
It'd be over for the UK for decades, not necessarily for the world for all time (a destructive EMP blast would rip through London; terrible, but still falling far short of Stromberg triggering WWII).

If Silva could've brought himself or sent hitmen to M's townhouse, he could've also killed M there and then when he blew up the top floor of MI6 - he seemed to be slowly and sadistically playing with M before killing her (like Dr. Evil).

His escape from MI6 custody to get at M at the courthouse seemed to be emergency plan B and him storming Skyfall in a helicopter was emergency plan C (he succeeded but unfortunately for him got killed as well).

The NOC list subplot seemed to have dropped out of the story when Silva was captured and his island operation shut down.
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