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Re: Ship's Counsellor or Chief Counsellor?

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...Or for Riker, or LaForge, or Worf?
For Riker to go on "landing parties" does make some sense to me.

Once Worf became security chief, not really. It deprived the bridge of it's primary tactical officer. And (oncoming tirade) why was the "security chief" on the bridge all the time anyway? Kirk's security chief kept his butt off the bridge. Odo didn't normally just hang around in DS9's ops. The only time Worf should have been beaming down is if a large number of security were going down and his command presence was required to direct them, otherwise he needed to be directing shipboard security activities.

Basically the same thing with LaForge, while he was a young bridge officer sure, send him off the ship. But not once he made chief engineer. There would be exceptions, like what he was doing in First Contact.

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