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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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Caliburn24 might have been wondering why Silva didn't just break into M's house. It, apparently, isn't very hard to do. A drunken former spy, who isn't fit for duty, with no equipment was able to do it. Should be easy for a Master Hacker, no?

Ah the old bond movie cliche " why don't you just shoot him?

Scott Evil: Wait, aren't you even going to watch them? They could get away!
Dr. Evil: No no no, I'm going to leave them alone and not actually witness them dying, I'm just gonna assume it all went to plan. What?
Scott Evil: I have a gun, in my room, you give me five seconds, I'll get it, I'll come back down here, BOOM, I'll blow their brains out!
Dr. Evil: Scott, you just don't get it, do ya? You don't.
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