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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I totally understand where you're coming from. The only problem with this is the likelihood of a product recall/disc replacement program. IMHO, it's zero. I'd love to be proven wrong - indeed - the ideal scenario would be to pull the plug now, start from scratch and release a quality set next year.
Yup, if it meant getting a consistent, quality product. I certainly wouldn't mind waiting longer. I sincerely hope CBS takes Seasons 4 and 6 away from HTV-Illuminate and gives CBS-Digital and extra 9 months or so to do it themselves.

Season 2 will never be fixed, but if we make our displeasure known...we may be able to save 4 and 6.

I was so happy with Season 1, and thought CBS had finally gotten their act together in order to do this right. It's such an utter disappointment to see them drop the ball like this...again. I thought they had learned their lesson about inconsistent quality after the nonsense with TOS:R, where quality was all over the place from episode to episode.

Thanks to HTV-Illuminate we get to enjoy the matte lines in HD!

I really don't understand what the heck they were thinking with this. I already own blurry planets abd matte lined, SD episodes of TNG on VHS and DVD. Why the heck would I pay to see blurry planets and matte lined episodes in HD? They expect people to pay top dollar for this???

I really don't understand how this could happen. If they're using the same or similar software, then they should be able to share all of their settings between effects houses to ensure continuity. It's 2012, there is no excuse...separate effects houses or not. We have all of this technology for sharing EVERYTHING....use it.

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