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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Comment

Posted by Vektor:
Posted by Four Mad Men:
I know tensions are somewhat high right now, and while I appreciate the humorous aspects of that question I think perhaps you might alienate a portion of the intended audience if kept as is. I think perhaps a case could be made that it might also lessen the credibility of said FAQ.
Ehh... maybe, but I'm not too worried about it. There have been enough people guilty of that attitude over the past two or three years that no one in particular should take it personally. And if they do, well, maybe they should.

Seriously, at what point does the rate of reply become sufficient to not qualify as a deliberate insult? Are we going to pick a number and say that everyone must keep posting replies until that minimum has been reached in all active threads, just so everybody can feel respected and good about themselves? Then what happens when somebody really takes off with a popular thread and quadruples the minimum? Doesn't that mean that everybody else is being disrespected? Well, doesn't it?


You can't control what people like and will respond to. All you can do is share your talents, whatever they may be, and hope somebody out there will appreciate it. If they do, great. If they don't, then you have to decide what's more important to you, creating the art you love or getting recognized, because you can't always have both.
The whole demanding-reply thing irritates me somewhat, because ut tends to work itself out anyway. If the work is good then let it speak for itself.

The WIP thing is key as well. You're dead on with that one at least.

To pose a quick question, something which I was reminded of by some of the above comments; what exactly is the rule on CGI nudity? For instance, say I was designing a Female Starfleet Officer to be accurate from toe to hair and I wished to post WIPs which show her totally nude in order to garner opinions, would this be allowable? Because I've don't think I've ever seen a black and white ruling on this. It's not likely to ever effect me, but I'd still like to know...

Anyway, the FAQ looks good!
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