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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Julia Roberts producing paranormal investigator show for Lifetime.

How many ghost hunters shows are in development, anyway?

Written by Miss Congeniality scribe Katie Ford, it about an all-female group of paranormal investigators who call themselves The Paranormal Housewives. The show is inspired by the real Paranormal Housewives, a Southern California group of women professional paranormal investigators. It was launched in 2010 by Erin Potter and her friends friends Kirsten Thorne and Marsha Covert-Garcia in part as a response to their field being dominated by male investigators.
That last part is great. Equal rights for women to waste their time with nonsense!

EDIT: I was rooting for this season of American Horror Story to be about the Roanoke mystery - they mentioned in in passing - now it looks like Kelsey Grammar might be coming thru on this idea!

Blackwood centers on 19-year-old Miranda Blackwood who, when 114 people, including her father, suddenly vanish off Roanoke Island, begins to investigate the mass disappearance, teaming with her high school sweetheart. But she makes a chilling discovery when she uncovers that she’s at the center of not only this mystery, but one that traces back to the first American mystery: the disappearance of 114 people at what would be called The Lost Colony
That doesn't say it's genre in so many words, but the easiest way to link up the two disappearances so far apart in time would be via a fantasy or sci fi explanation...and the book publisher is described as "sci fi," hmmm...

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