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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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But then why does M fake Bond's death? Why does he allow her to fake his own death?
She doesn't fake his death. She thinks he is dead. He's contemplating getting out, but gets pulled back in.
4) Bond breaks into M's flat(gee...maybe someone else should have thought of that...)
He's done that before.
Caliburn24 might have been wondering why Silva didn't just break into M's house. It, apparently, isn't very hard to do. A drunken former spy, who isn't fit for duty, with no equipment was able to do it. Should be easy for a Master Hacker, no?
A lot of Silva's actions are mind-boggling. Apparently getting apprehended and then escaping was all part of the convoluted (and apparently psychic) plan. Why? It served no apparent logistical purpose.

On an unrelated note, in the word-association exercise, when the psychologist says Skyfall, Bond refuses to participate any more. Why? Because it raised an unhappy memory?

Also, how could Bond have been so clueless that he didn't realize he failed the marksmanship test and other tests? Apparently he didn't even come close to passing the marksmanship test, scoring a 40 where passing is 70.
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