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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Not really. Sure, maybe more corrosion-resistent, but corrosion /= dry rot. And let an engine sit for 15 years, somewhat exposed to the weather, and you couldn't make that thing crank without a full rebuild. Also counting on the bearings for the rotating light to still work, bulb to have not blown/broken in a storm, power cable not chewed by rats, etc.

And that ignores the big question of how this is supposed to work in the first place. Looks like they're saying that there's a giant magical power suppressor that is creating the 'shit don't work' field. Makes sense, as then the amulet doesn't have to wirelessly PROVIDE power to these devices (which would need its OWN power source, plus have to get power to something that isn't configured to receive it wirelessly). So, now you've got a little bubble where the dampening field is off, and stuff COULD work.

What about it wasn't working? Did the mechanical parts of the generator always work, and just didn't spit out electricity at the end?

Either way, without firing this thing up every couple months or so, it wouldn't turn over if you hooked it to a nuclear reactor. After 15 years with no maintenance, and it was abandoned rather than carefully put away, you'd have zero chance of this being anything other than a heavy paperweight. batteries in an iPhone aren't even worth discussing, they barely hold a charge when unplugged for a few hours. Be a pretty impressive battery indeed to hold a charge for 15 years. I'd doubt you could get it to TAKE a charge after that long, even if the power came back on for good...
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