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In hindsight, it also helps make the Jack Pack more convincing. While they were wrong on the "having to surrender" front, the fact that their predictions regarding the war are generally accurate helps, on second viewing, convince me that they must have been genuinely good at what they do. So I'm more able to buy the idea that Bashir accepts their recommendation, now that I know they're generally on the right track.
And to add to that, future events also reinforce the message of this episode which is that individuals can affect the future. The Romulans did enter the war as was predicted, but they did so sooner than expected because of the actions of Sisko and Garak, thus striking before too much damage was done to Starfleet. The Cardassians did rebel, but they didn't predict that the instigator that rebellion would be the leader of Cardassia who would have important strategic knowledge and connections.
The points made here really elevate the episode in my view.

Also, Sisko gets to be awesome in it

It's true that Bashir seems to go "all in" on the idea of the Federation's surrender very quickly. But, on the other hand, he has compelling arguments.

It's not an episode that really comes to mind when I think of my favorite DS9 episodes, but I find that it holds up really well when I rewatch it.
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