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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

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I'm not sure what the message of Brave was.... Perhaps Brave delved too far off the grid of anything recognizable? Even so, Girl Power might have hit the bulls eye if it only slowed down a bit.
Pixar has had a habit of heavily reworking their stories well into the production phase, which is far more feasible in animation than live action (as Andrew Stanton learned the hard way), but without a strong scipt or story to start out with, is bound to falter at some point. From what I've read, they wanted to do a princess movie without a traditional fairy-tale villain, which is commendable, but never quite found a compelling alternative.

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Cars an ode to old white men and NASCAR?: au contraire; do you think Randy Neumann and James Taylor would sing a song about the glory of white power?
Dude, an ode to old-timey WASP values, which Cars (a blatant ripoff of the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood) very much is, is not the same thing as a Klan mission statement.

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No, the message of Cars was that Eisenhower's highway system destroyed the American community.... Cars is subversive!
The longing for a more innocent, pastoral age is as old as civilization itself, and has been a core feature of establishment ideologies as diverse as Jefferson's farmer-citizen American ideal and the Nazi's obsession with the hardworking, small-town Germanic volk. And how does Cars end? With the suggestion that modern, tech-based capitalism (in this case, Nascar) can, with a little prodding, help the sleepy little town (whose distance from modernity shielded it from the vices of metropolitanism) regain its dormant economic strength without corrupting its pure, old-fashioned culture. Subversive? Please.
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