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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I am really noticing the added brightness in the orbital Enterprise and Enterprise versus the Borg cube shots and I don't think I like it. The general washed-out look of the composited models detracts from the sense of depth that is present in the original shots with more shading.
That's what's bodering me the most as well: the ships no longer blend in with the rest of the shot. I can live with a little inconsistency but not with space shots that simply look... bad.

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I'm not going to cancel my order or anything but it is kind of disappointing. Hopefully they'll learn and Season 4 will be done with more care.
I'm seriously considering cancelling my pre-order. I was lucky to avoid the audio problems by holding out a bit on season 1 and seems like holding out on season 2 will be the sensible thing to do as well. I'm waiting for the reviews and a reaction from CBS on what clearly looks like a drop in quality.
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