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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

Addict or not, I cannot fathom how the COB will not report back to the Capt. who kidnapped and tortured him. Since this would bring a swift end to Serrat's little island kingdom. So, alas, that wont' happen. Instead the COB will keep silent in hopes of keeping his supply of pain meds flowing. Further, I'm not convinced this "falling off the wagon" for COB would mean he's instantly addicted, again. Of course, his feet were burned pretty bad, so he'll need pain meds.

How many layers of tension and conflict are they going to add? In addition to what is already there, they now add a sexual relationship between Shepherd and King, creating a triangle with them and Tani.

Are they trying to have A, B and C plots? A plot will always be the rogue sub vs. USA. B plots involving whatever adventure of the week happens on the Island, and C plots with what is going on back home with Christine and Kylie. This stretching thin won't be good.

So, Sam is holding back the information that a snatch-and-grab of Chaplin could happen that would put Sam in charge. Does anyone believe the offer is legit and this secret organization really want Sam and the Colorado free? Why is Sam even buying this?

Where is the island getting its supplies? The drugs have to come from somewhere off the island. Where is the electricity coming from? Will there be enough food or did this island depend on occasional shipments?
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