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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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Hombre... nay. The point of the comic is that Calvin is a conceited child, and the humor lies in the fact that his stuffed tiger is wiser and more mature than he is. We're meant to agree with Hobbes at Calvin's expense.
Analogy noted. Also, being condescending is not the same as providing support for an argument. I've overlooked it until now but it's really becoming tiresome.

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You'd like to date several women, including her, and she doesn't want to date you at the moment. Ergo, seems to me your best course is to look for dates elsewhere. What am I missing?
I don't have a preference for the number of women I am romantically involved with or date, but I don't want to be limited to one. I don't decide what kind of relationship I want with someone before I know what's possible. I like this girl and am attracted to her, and she seemed to feel similarly, so a dating-type situation seemed like it might work. However, her and her boyfriend have decided to restrict the types of relationships they can form with others, so dating won't work. However, friendship may work, so we're trying that. If we decide in the future that friendship isn't working or that something else might work better, we'll discuss it and make changes then.

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Impartiality is important in courtrooms; in dating, not so much. Nor are personal biases and correct judgments necessarily incompatible. Anyhow, one can always consult with friends or other clear-minded parties to make a determination on said bf's possible dickitude...
"He doesn't respect you, you deserve better, and you should leave him." That would be telling her what to do and what she should believe. Seems kind of controlling and manipulative.

"He was being very disrespectful toward you. Is that the kind of boyfriend you want?" pretty much expresses the same thought. However, it leaves it up to her to make the decision herself and shows that I do respect her.

The first makes him look bad, and makes me look bad to a lesser degree. The second makes him look bad, but also makes me look good. The choice seems pretty clear.

Let's say he is a dick, she realizes that, and she leaves him and her and I start dating. Eventually, someone else is going to come along that wants me out of the way, and is likely to try to convince her that I'm a dick. He'll have a much harder time doing that if I focus on making myself look good rather than making others look bad. Also, if I have to be manipulative to maintain a relationship, it's probably not a very fulfilling one.
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