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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Right, but if they're staged, we're certainly not talking real crimes.

Even if they're real, the statistics have very little significance for the reasons I mentioned. In a community of that size, you're not going to say "crime rates are up 20%", you're going to say, "Joe stole a can of Spam." Same thing.

If you want to keep the people on edge, you don't report rising crime rates. You say, "Joe is no longer with us because he was plotting and had to be dealt with."

The only way the actual statistic numbers will be significant to the Governor is if he's both obsessive-compulsive and paranoid (which we agree is probably true). But the only way they'll have meaning to the people is if they're farther gone than he is (brainwashed, paranoid, drinking the Kool-Aid).

Otherwise when they hear a 20% increase, they'll just laugh and say, "Oh, you mean when Joe stole the Spam?" He couldn't keep any credibility spouting things like that.

So either these numbers are the Governor's private fantasy (which I believe is the case), or these people have serious mental issues.

Maybe Woodbury is the name of a psychiatric ward.
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