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Re: TOS theme music and studio logo musings

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It's sort of like when Columbia's TV division took on the Sony name, and suddenly every single instance of a Columbia logo was covered up by a Sony logo.
Even that comapny is all over the place when it comes to logo use; a few years ago, there was a syndicated package of 1960s/70s Screen Gems shows under the banner of a "Screen Gems network" (just a programming block, not an actual channel).

As we know, Screen Gems was the original TV division of Columbia Pictures, and when Sony bought the former, the old SG logos (and Columbia/Coca Cola logos) vanished for series in general syndication until this "Screen Gems network" package, which restored the 1960s-70s logo as orignally attached to series like The Partridge Family, Gidget and The Monkees.

Let's not even get into TV series once produced by United Artists, or MGM--that's a nightmare making the TOS issue look like a one-time accident by comparison.

Desilu has always been spared from these logo purges. Paramount/CBS never saw it as a conflicting with their brand identity. Some studios replace the logos of every entity they've acquired, others don't, and I honestly don't know why.

Its just a mess, and there's hardly any pre-1980 TV series still using the original studio logo/tags, even if the same studio owns the content (ex. Fox).
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