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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

If the south seceded successfully, it'd be the Christian equivalent of places like Iran--and that'd be a best case. And what happens in 4 years, they ask to be let back into the Union if a white Republican wins the White House.

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Damn, you're around Chattanooga or Athens or something right? I've not heard anything about this and I'm pretty sure most folks I know would laugh at the idea.
Yeppers. Largely, community, wise I don't think many people care and/or think it's stupid to begin with--even the Righties; but the "good ole' boys" are loving it. You know the type: UT Football, guns, big trucks, and God-- in that order.
At least their first priority is right though.
You're one of them! Holds up a picture of Coach Dooley, back, back I say!

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Considering Louisiana was purchased from the french, I think if they want to secede they should pay fare market value for the land.
Is there a discount for water damage?
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