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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Finally saw last week's episode. Actually I think the series is getting somewhat decent. It's not perfect and they sure could use some better writers but with the addition of Colm Feore as Randall it's bound to get much better. He always plays for some reason a much more convincing bad guy than good guy.

As an aside, I loved his performance in Stephen King's Storm of the Century.

In any case, someone mentioned the problem with the generator suffering from dry rot. Is it possible that light house generators are fitted with more anti-corrosion resistant materials because of their proxmity to water - which would make the fact that it started more believalble. Regardless, I tend to discount those small inconsistencies. [remember as someone pointed in The Walking Dead thread] who's been cutting the grass at the prison over the past one year? Still hell of a show.

Revolution may not be on the same level as The Walking Dead but because it's on network television and they are much more limited on content that can be displayed I'm going to stick with this show through next year. Too bad we'll have to wait so long until 2013 episodes show up. I think NBC is making a mistake with that.
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