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Re: NHL Offseason

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So now we're taking two weeks off?

This is just silly.

Why are these people so stupid? They could have been working on this for the past two off-seasons day in and day out working toward a deal. Besides tanning on a beach, what is Bettman, the owners, and the PA doing all summer? The owners want to break the union; the union wants to stand up and be seen as powerful after bowing down last time. And let me remind you the majority of top tier players are playing in Europe, only to show up for PR stunts that Fehr wants to pull.

I agree with Timby. Burn it down.
So this is official? Last I read it was a suggestion, but then again, didn't they take this week off too? How many weeks are they going to take off before the urgency really kicks in? Just cancel the season now for heavens sake.
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