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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

It was an important plot point as it showed that Mitchell wasn't perfect and all knowing. Kirk might have lied to him about his middle name. TOS OTOH was perfect.

I don't know how a retcon can be a reimagining, but with new people come new designs and even great designs like Ralph McQuarries' Next Phase/ Planet of Titans enterprise were trashed due to greed. It should have been used in TNG for goodness sake. Good writers are also dumped by mediocre witers and producers ganging up on them too so it's no surprise that it's all about money, power, control and politics. What isn't?
Which is why it'll never be done again in any medium because studio interference will steer it into the coral reefs again or over a cliff. The only way it could be done again is through an adaptaion of a different work that is turned into Star Trek by it's creator.
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