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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

The release order is neither production nor broadcast order. Are the scores sorted by composer?

We've got our first entirely unreleased score here; as far as I know, nothing from "The Man Trap" has been released before. Previously unreleased cues from "The Naked Time" include:

Out of Glove
Breaking Planet/Sweaty Palm/Itchy Hand
Pulled Down/It Spreads
Joe Goes
Up the Rebels

The track here called "D'Artagnan-san" was previously released under the title "D'Artagnan." Some of the cues were combined differently on the GNP album; "D'Artagnan" and "Banana Farm" were combined, "Hot Skin" (mislabeled "Hot Sun") was on the same track as "Off the Cloud," and "Time Reverse/Future Risk" were separate from the end title cue. Also the trailer music was included at the start of the program; putting it at the end is probably more correct, since it was the preview for the following week's episode. (I wonder if there are any other trailers that had music composed specifically for them. Oh, wait, it says right there that there's a "Man Trap" trailer included!)

It'll be nice to have the full "Naked Time" score at last. It always disappointed me that the GNP release cut off after "Brass Monkeys" and didn't do the whole score for the teaser. And "Up the Rebels" must be the big statement of Kevin Riley's theme as he wandered the corridors, another notable omission.
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