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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Someone needed to ensure the shots where consistent.
In my personal opinion, both CBS and Dan Curry dropped the ball on Season 2. CBS should have had people working directly with HTV-Illuminate on Seasons 2, 4, and 6...or at the very least, have one of their own CGI artists do a final continuity pass before the episodes were finalized.

As an outsider, it feels like Dan Curry took the " lets show those hot shot kids how it's done" approach, when in truth...CBS showered the show with nothing but love and respect for Season 1, striking an amazing balance of 'how it looked in our memories vs. how it looked in reality'. Dan and his crew have gone to extremes to make it look exactly the way it was, only clearer. In many cases using explosions and star backdrops that aren't HD quality, as if to make a point of some type. When I saw the screenshots starting to pour out, my heart sank.

CBS-Digital gave me the show as I remembered it in my mind...and I want MORE of that. If Dan Curry isn't willing to play along with CBS-Digital, then he should step aside so we don't have 3 inconsistent seasons.
Well put, NewHorizon. The really sad aspect of all this - even if TPTB step up to the plate and ensure the consistency of forthcoming seasons, we're always going to have this "sore thumb" painfully protruding from a body of otherwise excellent work.

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