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I just plug in a controller
I don't know how anyone can prefer a control stick to a mouse for aiming. It's so imprecise.
takes a little practice but when you get it, the dual sticks are just as accurate as a mouse.
Joystick movements are rate-limited and relative by nature. With a mouse, on the other hand, you can move your cursor with great precision to any point on the screen in a fraction of a second--and practice makes you more proficient.

It's not even a knock against joysticks, it's just a task they weren't designed to do well--but mice were.

You can't type a research paper with a mouse, either, or at least I wouldn't want to try. Use the right tool for the job. I'm curious to know what FPS games out there work with joysticks at a level that's on par with mice, and don't use any kind of auto-aiming or other soft cheats to make up for joysticks' inadequacies.
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