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Re: Jeri Ryan in Lost?

It's an Illinois thing. Politicians have a way of something snowballing against them. One governor's scheming led to wiretaps which led to investigators seizing on a "golden" opportunity, another governor's licenses for bribes program which fed directly into his campaign war chest only got exposed years later after investigating the horrible deaths of 5 children in another state (it's too bad he isn't as known as his successor because his corruption was viscerally worse and endangered people nationwide). Jack Ryan's divorce papers exposing he was a sleazeball gave enough people pause about making him senator. Jeri Ryan's relative fame might have made it more relatable. The snowball seems to be rolling for another politician now actually (two). It also claimed some no-name city officials, the Springfield mayor, the president of Metra (that was the stuff of legends). At least it's bi-partisan (and non-partisan in some cases). I think it's brought up because it ties Star Trek: Voyager/Jeri Ryan to the President of the United States, even if as a small footnote.

Anyway, who are people conflating with Jeri Ryan, thinking they are her in Lost? I only saw parts of the 1st 2 seasons before tuning out knowing I would be disappointed because it wouldn't make any sense (saw whatever of the series finale spilled over past 10PM or so and yes, I was disappointed and felt bad for the people who were strung along for 6 seasons, thinking it would all come together in the end and they would get at least some measure of understanding).
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