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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

^Since he got doubled crossed and taken into Chinese custody back in the late 1990s, Silva may have spent many years in prison before he somehow escaped or got released, and looked like it took Silva a long time to gather his henchmen and equipment together for his grand plan.

Silva seemed to sprout convoluted plans, mercs and helicopter gunships from his backside, but keep in mind he is relatively modest when put next to another ex-MI6 operative turned supervillain, Alec Trevelyan (who had half the Russian military in his pocket, the greatest arms dealing syndicate in Eurasia, a private army of thugs, computer geeks, and mercenaries, subverted space weapon platforms, a stolen experimental stealth helicopter, a state of the art armoured train that was packed full of stuff like a helicopter, and a very large underground command centre that was linked up to the biggest dish in the world that could be submerged in water to become an artificial lake to boot).

And speaking about GoldenEye and it being the most popular Brosnan movie among fandom (when it feels a bit padded, disjointed, and dated now), its popularity seems to be down to it being rather decent as a jack of all trades Bond movie, almost a compilation of many previous Bond movies until that point. Call me odd but I prefered Tomorrow Never Dies out of the Brosnan series, despite its own faults.
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