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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

My hub and I are going to my mom's today (RI), so I'll leave you with an image and a thought:

The Sherlock Holmes movie in which Dominic starred was mostly lousy (imho), and the only good things in it were--in no order of importance--Dominic, Thorpe's suit of armour, the brass, steam-powered, fire-breathing, bullet-farting, FLYING dragon, and the reference to Spring-Heeled Jack...

So I've decided to take a whack at writing a Holmes & Watson pastiche (what fanfic gets called when it gets published), titled "Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Spring-Heeled Jack." It has the usual mix of star-crossed hero and heroine, villian, shifty red herring characters, Mysroft's in this one (superficially), and perhaps an appearance by Her Majesty.

I hope I can get my blouse and skirt cut out and have them sewn by 25 November, because my husband is taking me to see Boston Ballet's new production of "The Nutcracker"! Wish me luck!

...Dominic has incredibly attractive ice-blue eyes...
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