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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Magneto couldn't or was pretending that he couldn't fly in the beginning... Is that right?

In flash backs I know he flew away with tall hat Nazi gold he stole off Strucker 20 years before the founding of the X-Men, but Claremont didn't have to worry about continuity when he wrote that... There was also another prequel/parallel story I read once where Magneto and Charles were having a conversation during that fight about how much/little he thought of Xaviers students. It was all for show. An introduction.

And really, Magneto was trying to recruit, becuase what's the point of making a mutant nation if you only have 5 mutants in your brotherhood?

That was the taking over of a small south American Country?

Good lord, Magneto can't have been bringing anything close to his A game if Toad was riding Shot Gun.

It's almost like he thought the X-Men sucked, and collected an equivilent counterforce to enforce the nature of fair play and zero sum.

Does anyone think that Toad and Paige Guthry getting it on (In Wolverine and the X-Men) is kind of grotty becuase he's a decade at least older than she is, and TOAD?
I was talking about X-Men #1 when Magneto, all by himself, takes over a US Military Base. He makes his escape by flying away and magnetically pinning the entire X team to the ground.
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