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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

^My problem with Oscorp being the source of the webbing was two fold: 1) It diminished Peter in that Peter was the one who came up with "web fluid" in the comics. It demonstrated that he was smart as well as powerful. 2) Where would Peter get the funding to buy what was obviously high-grade industrial product on an ongoing basis? Each cartridge was said to hold enough for "several hundred meters" of webbing. Consider that each travel line could easily run 10 meters, and he would quickly run out at that rate. In the comics, that was gotten around by Peter's ingenious use of common household chemicals that were cheap and plentiful to buy so he could make his own (which further demonstrated his "smarts", as in point 1).

Having Oscorp furnish the webbing also took the "bite" (pardon the pun) out of Peter's constant need to ingest protein. That made sense with organic "shooters", as his body had to manufacture the materials itself.

Am I saying I prefer organic shooters? No. Just that I wish they had been a little more careful with their premises.

ETA - By the way, is it me or is this thread not that popular? I would have figured as a DVD grading thread it would have seen more traffic...or did everyone make most of their points in the original movie thead?
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