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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

VulcanJedi wrote: View Post
Cars 2: we take a film that actually had a anti-establishment message and turn it into happy feet 3 or back to the barnyard.
Lol, wut? The message of Cars is that the ways and values of old white rural men in positions of authority are the best, and that NASCAR is totally awesome, so the surest way to find happiness is to embrace both in equal parts. If that's an "anti-establishment message", then Up must be a NAMBLA commericial.

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
What was Bug's Life's message?
Are you kidding? A large, peaceful community is being preyed upon by a few violent oligarchs, until the proletarians learn to rise up and expel the 1%. It's the clearest message movie Pixar's made yet.
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