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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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1. The X-1 had a horizontal rocket-fuel tank stressed for 20 G's. The Air Force has hung iiquid fueled intercept missiles on aircraft, where they experience severe sideward G-loads as a part of normal operations.

2. . Elon Musk must've recruited on of these engineers to check the Falcon 4 for Stratolaunch operations,pt in a locked vault next to the Arc of the Covenant.

3. There's dense, and then there's black-hole dense.

4. If an Air Force general got a bee in his bonnet and decided his new ballistic missile should be stored horizontally for easier mobile deployment, leap in the air horizontally, and then transition to vertical flight to cut several minutes off the response time,

5. To NASA types it's apparently more baffling than a warp drive and they think it simply can't be done.
1. Those are vehicles than need to reach orbital velocity

2. The Statolaunch Falcon is not going to be anything like the standard falcon. It will heavily modified. Also, it will not be loaded with propellant during takeoff and it is being dropped, which is the opposite of your idea.

3. That explains you exactly. You don't what you are talking about.

4. Learn some history. They were first horizional but went to vertical because it was better. Also, a general is not going to make such a stupid request.

5. Now you are being an asshole along with being stupid.

Your idiotic idea has no engineering merit.

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