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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I'm not certain where precisely, though it's likely that the 3 second "Hit the Button" track is totally absent.
This is driving me nuts. Why all the speculation about what's not on this set, when we've said repeatedly that if it was recorded for the series, it's here. Do you really think we left off a cue as prominent as that even though it's brief?
Basill wasn't talking about your set there. We were comparing notes about the LP and CD versions of the '85 GNP release, and he was saying that their CD version may have left off that track as part of its mixups.
Yes. In a word... catharsis. I was just talking about what drove me crazy about the old stuff in pure anticipation for your magnificent set, which I am totally aware (as you have repeatedly stated ) has it all and leaves the old stuff in the dust.
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