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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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"Arrangement"? Dude, you two have a nascent friendship, not a job!
The two are actually somewhat similar, hence the point of the comic.
Hombre... nay. The point of the comic is that Calvin is a conceited child, and the humor lies in the fact that his stuffed tiger is wiser and more mature than he is. We're meant to agree with Hobbes at Calvin's expense.

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Ironically, it sounds to me as though you may be coming down with a case of oneitis, for which the cure is to go out and meet ten other women. {...} Until then, however, it's probably best to direct your romantic/+sexual hopes elsewhere... unless, of course, you elect to straight-up ask her to dump her guy and give you a shot.
This does not apply to my way of thinking, and would take a very long time to explain. It's easier just to say, read up on polyamory if the subject is of academic or personal interest to you. I can probably dig up some links if you'd like.
You'd like to date several women, including her, and she doesn't want to date you at the moment. Ergo, seems to me your best course is to look for dates elsewhere. What am I missing?

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I don't trust myself to decide if her boyfriend is a dick or not. To put it bluntly: he's interfering with what I want, I'm biased, and I'm not going to be a dick.
Impartiality is important in courtrooms; in dating, not so much. Nor are personal biases and correct judgments necessarily incompatible. Anyhow, one can always consult with friends or other clear-minded parties to make a determination on said bf's possible dickitude...
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