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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Finally got around to seeing Skyfall.

I loved every technical element. The actors, the direction, the editing, the score, the lighting, all top-notch. Among the best of any Bond movie.

All those wonderful contributions were let down by a script and a plot that is insanely inept and contrived. I was just happily following along with the movie, until it hit a lull in the middle, and my brain turned back on and started piecing together what was going on.

So lets go through the salient plot points piece by piece.

1) M gives up Silva to the Chinese. He gets tortured. He escapes somehow. He blames M. He then waits over a decade to do anything about it. Why?

2) Bond chases down the NOC-list as the movie opens. Why is it in Istanbul? Why is Bond there? Whatever, it is an in media res opening, that is fine. But then why does M fake Bond's death? Why does he allow her to fake his own death? Why does the plot take a break for weeks or months so Bond can heal up?

3) Silva blows up MI-6, knowing they will move operations underground. Makes sense for the moment.

4) Bond breaks into M's flat(gee...maybe someone else should have thought of that...)

5) Patrice(the assassin) uses depleted uranium bullets(whatever, its a Bond movie) which makes it easy to identify and track him. AND FOR SOME REASON Bond kept three pieces of the bullet that hit him inside his shoulder, just waiting for the right time to pull them out.

6) Bond tracks Patrice to Shanghai, lets him assassinate his target, and uses the casino chip to meet up with sex slave lady. The assassination was staged, the Komodo-dragon fight was staged. All to bring Bond to meet Silva.

7) Silva than kills his lady, who apparently was just following Silva's plan all along(willingly or not). And then lets Bond take him prisoner. So that...

8) He can be imprisoned in the London underground, and breakout(how did he escape his cage anyways? He had no physical help as far as we can tell) into the Tube. Using precise timing and relying on Q's ineptitude.

9) His master plan is then revealed as he walks into Westminster with two henchmen dressed as cops, and attempts to gun down M. REALLY?! This whole elaborate plan just so he can try to kill her with a pistol?

10) Bond leads Silva to Scotland. And Q and M apparently don't even try to send help.

11) M dies, rendering meaningless Bond's entire actions during the movie. He could have stayed in his tropical paradise and things would have turned out better for a lot of people.

I understand this is a Bond movie. I know Bond movie plots don't always make sense. But this movie is trying to be somewhat more grounded(The exploding pens line for example) and realistic. Only instead of offering a tighter plot, it offers the most contrived-holey plot of any Bond movie I can think of. The Joker's plan in TDK is simplicity itself compared to Silva's plan here. And the actions of our heroes are arbitrary and idiotic as well.

I'm sure I'll watch this movie again at some point, and enjoy how pretty it is and the high production values. But gosh, if people are willing to accept this level of writing in their blockbusters(not even just accept, but lavish praise on it) I fear for the future of storytelling.
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