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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

AFAIK, there were no Reliant's to fire torpedoes in DS9.
Memory Alpha shows at least one (CGI) Miranda firing forward torps from the usual place, although I can't place the shot in any specific episode. And "What You Leave Behind" has the cute scene of one poor Miranda desperately dodging and weaving, under pursuit from a Breen ship, and IIRC firing at least one aft torpedo before the Breen turns away and retreats to defend Cardassia Prime.

Constitution = Cruiser
Miranda = Frigate
Constellation = Destroyer
The Constellation is a "star cruiser" in "Peak Performance"...

The Miranda is never anything verbally, not even "Miranda".

Perhaps, although if those features are around the other doors...
...Then they are tractor beams, plain and simple.

The Miranda has similar things on the upper corners of her bays, but those are in triangular rather than square indentations.

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