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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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In those circumstances mission accomplished. Probably more of a successful mission than Casino Royale given MI6 don’t get Le Chiffre, and don’t even get the money!
Bond stops an aircraft getting blown up (saving dozens of lives), a dangerous money man that was funding many crime syndicates, rogue states, and terrorist groups was taken out of the picture in the process, a traitor was eliminated, and the main backer was taken into custody (albiet very briefly, but it led to Bond stopping a Latin American country being subverted by a quasi-corporate crime syndicate, a brutal would be tyrant was killed, and Bond also put a stop to the same group corrupting Western operatives).

Silva succeeded in killing the head of MI6, but like Khan Noonien Singh he pissed his great power and abilities up the wall to essentially get after one person he has severe emotional hang ups over, not thinking that MI6 and the rest of the British nation goes way beyond M, getting most or all of his followers and himself killed in the process.
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