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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm getting blown the hell up an awful lot in SB24. My ship will explode with 0% hull, but full shields. Something doesn't seem right. I've posted in a thread where they're discussing something similar with the STFs over at the forum. Hopefully someone will know what's up. Also, for the record, I'm using the complete Borg set.
They must have figured out your shield modulation frequency. :-P

I didn't notice that myself, but the two characters I've tested it with are tanks. I make it a priority to keep the hull healed, even to the extent of ignoring the shields. My philosophy is that it doesn't matter what happens to my ship as long as I have "hull" I'm still in the fight.

I did notice a sharp decrease in dilithium reward and a cool-down on the every PVE mission I tried.
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