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I love the film but even I am a bit miffed with how ridiculous Silva's plan is. That said you could say the same about most Bond films, hell even Casino Royale makes little sense if you think about it and is built upon a house of cards of contrivences.
What do you mean even Casino Royale? It's as ridiculous as any Bond film, if not more.

In fact, just last week HISHE did it:
My ‘even Casino Royale’ statement was made from the perspective that a large majority of people see it as some kind of perfect uber film, which it isn’t, it’s as flawed as any other, in fact in some ways I find the contrivances more jarring because it proclaims to be a “realistic” Bond film. At least when I see Roger Moore with a laser gun I know to suspend my disbelief.

Interesting to see so many people dissing Bond’s plan to lure Silva off. Although M died, from the perspective of 007 and MI6 I think you could call it a success, or at least not a failure. Silva had already blown up part of Thames House killing multiple (what was it 7?) MI6agents. He’d revealed the names of many more, at least one of whom ended up dead. In escaping from the new MI6 HQ he killed at least one more man that we’re aware of, and given there was clearly a driver in the tube train he derailed it’s possible he died too (though there didn’t appear to be any passengers) and of course after this we have multiple police officers and potentially many civilians killed when Silva attacks the hearing.

As M says, “Too many people are dying because of me.” In fact I’d go as far as to say that transporting her to the middle of nowhere was less about Bond protecting M, than about Bond protecting MI6 and the British populace! In those circumstances mission accomplished. Probably more of a successful mission than Casino Royale given MI6 don’t get Le Chiffre, and don’t even get the money!

And I like Quantum, as I always say it has a lot of flaws, but in many ways I think it plays more like a classic Bond film than Casino Royale does.
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