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Re: Babylon 5, did someone have a vendetta against the series?

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One would have thought studios would have learned something from the Doctor Who disaster. I could understand if it were all stored on huge reels of film. But it still boggles my mind that not one production person who probably spent hours or days working on these designs thought to dump copies of a few files onto spare harddrives and carry them home.

The short sightedness of some of these companies is mind-boggling.
It's the stories which evolved round some of this which is mind-boggling. Of course they did. If you know the right people you can even see the proof of concept video put together for the meeting with Warner Bros. ; )

From Ron Thornton talking about the LoTR and TLT productions having difficulty finding the original 3D assets (though the same library that was found for LoTR was again found Ďfoundí for TLT ; ).

Letís put it this way, I can grab at least 4 or 5 people who have pretty much all the assets from Babylon 5. Even down to the original ships I did for the test, because it was all on the Foundation servers before we went bankrupt. . . . . . . . . . . If they had asked me I could have given them straight away. But realistically the original assets really arenít up to anything like the modern standard. They are so simplistic. Plus the guys did such a good job on the station, Starfury and also the green ship for the Lost Tales.
And BTW, Doug Netter didnít set anything up, as far as the CGI went Ė other than a company using some junior animators which FI temporarily brought onboard to work on Hypernauts. Foundation Imaging was then kicked off the show, and had to end up begging Dan Curry to throw them some Voyager work as a lifeline.
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