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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

a link to an image would be nice; not seeing that info in the trekcore screencaps

This map was seen on some monitors in the final season, and reproduced as is in the Star Charts booklet. Supposedly, those squares on the grid are 10,000 ly on side.

The major discrepancy with the rest of canon here is that "False Profits" involves a planet that according to Data in TNG "The Price" was only some 200 ly from the Delta/Gamma border...

There are relatively few additional all-galaxy maps in VOY. The important ones would be from "Message in a Bottle", showing the Hirogen network (and perhaps not being aligned along the Quadrant borders, but tilted 45 degrees wrt that, considering), and from "Pathfinder", showing Barclay's guesstimates on the hero ship position (but with a generic, unrealistic background spiral galaxy image rather than the more frequently used graphic that also forms the background of the route map, and without any other helpful features):

Timo Saloniemi
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